Momentum Commerce Digital Brand Evolution

Case Study

Evolving the brand and digital presence of a growing digital retail consultancy to better differentiate the company, its services and value proposition in an increasingly commodified marketplace.

Key Strategic Questions
How should Momentum Commerce, a digital retail consultancy, evolve its brand and digital presence to better communicate its unique approach, its growing suite of services, and its thought leadership to reach both current and prospective clients?

How could design support the evolved brand to achieve more market clarity and better demonstrate differentiation?

H&S developed Momentum Commerce’s initial brand strategy when it was founded in 2020. For this repeat engagement, we focused on developing a clear communications framework for the growing company and a strong design system to showcase their bold and evolving vision, their new tech-enabled services, and their increasing data expertise.

We created a 4-phased approach — Designing for Understanding, Designing for Performance, Designing to Showcase Results, and Designing for Desire — to establish the clear communication of their strong value proposition, create their new website, organize their portfolio of products and services, and develop a flexible system of design assets for continuing communication across channels. We collaborated with our long-time strategic partner Design Axl to develop an updated visual brand system and new website. With an accelerated timeline, the site launched in time for the industry’s most important annual trade show.

H&S Role & Services

Brand, Communications, Digital Design, Experience Design, Research, and Strategy

  • Conducted in-depth stakeholder interviews with existing clients and leadership from each department
  • Held a day-long brand strategy session with the Momentum Commerce team to gather insights about how team members across functions interpreted the brand, defined services, and utilized digital channels
  • Analyzed key competitors to evaluate messaging, design, and value propositions
  • Developed a comprehensive value proposition that covered the full breadth of Momentum Commerce services and client needs three years into their growth
  • Created personas and segmented messaging for audience types to inform personalized digital user journeys
  • Led all phases of website design and development, from wireframes to QA
  • Optimized website performance via SEO strategy, maintenance tools, and Google Marketing Tool integration
  • Designed and implemented a suite of social media templates and assets

Key Results

  • The refined value proposition showcases the company’s strengths in data-driven strategies, consumer insights, creative services, and retail media without sacrificing the established brand equity and trust
  • The new user journey and information architecture helps guide and accelerate the sales process by giving potential clients a deeper understanding about which services best meet their needs
  • The new website and the cohesive social media design system have boosted brand visibility and elevated user engagement

A Growing Relationship

  • Brand strategy advisors to Momentum Commerce founder and leadership team since company’s founding in 2020
  • Architects of brand evolution, web redesign and communications refresh in 2023