Polyplexus is a R&D discovery platform that connects qualified experts, breakthrough ideas, and funding opportunities across disciplines. It brings unique talent and innovative approaches to light quickly, efficiently, and with less risk.

DARPA initially funded the development of Polyplexus, and as of 2024, H&S established Polyplexus Holdings, LLC, and assumed the platform’s management and growth.

How does Polyplexus benefit
our clients?

This venture presents a unique and efficient way for
innovative partners seeking for special skills or expertise.

Custom & Diverse
Knowledge Network
Custom-build a high-value professional community with elite expertise relevant to your science and technology needs.
Insights & Results
Accelerate information gathering, idea generation, and S&T horizon scanning by engaging with your own group of experts.
Global Reach
Easily and Efficiently
Use Polyplexus to quickly identify talent—and to share information and ideas. Events can be open or invite-only.
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Reimaginng the research paradigm for a rapidly changing world

DARPA program managers were looking for a way to leverage platform technologies to produce better research proposals from novel thinkers outside traditional silos. 

H&S lead the development, testing, and launch of Polyplexus, a platform designed to disrupt the research paradigm by connecting a diverse, global online community of high-caliber researchers and experts to accelerate cross-sector, multidisciplinary knowledge production.

Surfacing high-value ideas and encouraging civic engagement

ARPA-H needed a way to increase brand and mission awareness on its one-year anniversary, with a broad group of health constituencies across the United States.

H&S proposed a national idea-based bracket competition designed to highlight the agency’s mission and engage health professionals, advocates, and patients across the country in sharing and advocating for their ideas to transform health.

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