Amy LoVecchio

Amy LoVecchio is the Director of Operations at Herzog & Schindler, bringing more than 15 years of people and operational management experience to the firm.

Amy began building her career with the Merchant Resource Group under its capital investment arm. She spent the majority of her time managing the staff responsible for business development and asset management. Their philosophy was to invest in products and services that do a tremendous amount of good for the human condition as well as create financial returns for investors. In time, she became a trusted advisor to mid-market business owners and executives.

During her time at Agility Collective, Amy led a team of innovative thought leaders across multiple departments and backgrounds to help build some of the fastest growing brands and software platforms in the U.S. Their mission was to create growth and optimization for budding entrepreneurs and startups.

Amy volunteers with several not-for-profit organizations, focusing on youth development and education. She loves contemporary art, hot yoga, rigorous hikes, and thought-provoking conversations. When she is not pursuing work or personal goals, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends in Boston where she was born and raised.

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