Manon Herzog

Manon Herzog is co-founder and president of Herzog & Schindler, bringing to the firm decades of experience in developing groundbreaking social responsibility and community-based concepts and creating cross-cultural brand and business strategies.

Spending much of her career at the intersection of brand and culture, Manon began to focus on the increasing blurring of for- and non-profit practices long before the advent of B Corporations. Early on, she served in curatorial, editorial and marketing functions with both European and U.S.-based organizations, including the global consultancy Lord Cultural Resources, the pioneers of Swiss commercial radio, and the world-renowned Basel Zoo. In collaboration with teams at the Museum der Kulturen, Kunsthaus Zürich, the Saint Louis Art Museum, the Smithsonian, and prestigious private collections, she developed innovative exhibition concepts, acclaimed catalogs, and original marketing initiatives.

As senior vice president of Davis Brand Capital, she led the firm’s brand strategy practice. Manon worked with Fortune 100 companies as well as select non-profit and government organizations on brand and digital strategies. Her work crossed continents and sectors from the sciences, media, food and beverage, finance, entertainment, consumer products, civic efforts, to the arts. The results of her work have been covered in publications, including Fast Company, Newsweek, the National Geographic Magazine, and The New York Times. She has also authored and contributed to white papers and books from the arts to beauty, brand, finance, food and media. With a deep understanding of the challenges brands face in an increasingly fluid and platform-driven marketplace, she went on to form Herzog & Schindler. 

Manon, who speaks several languages fluently, graduated from the School of Management at the HES-SO Wallis-Valais, Switzerland, with a bilingual degree.

A seeker at heart, she considers the world a wonder worth exploring, not just the Seven Wonders of the World. She’s joined in her discoveries by John Nunley, author and Guggenheim Fellow, and grandson Owen Parker, a budding basketball player and naturalist. Steadfast that Roger Federer is indeed the GOAT, she believes that good food, drink, and company as well as fresh flowers make a home.

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