Case Study

Grant's Farm

The Busch family home since 1903, Grant’s Farm is located in St. Louis County, MO. The 281-acre property is the original breeding site for Clydesdales in the U.S., including the world-famous Budweiser Clydesdales. Five members of the Busch family now own and operate the property with the shared goal of keeping this unique piece of family and national history relevant and meaningful for generations to come.
Key Strategic Question
How can an iconic family estate and community asset evolve to connect with a new generation of guests and team members while preserving its history?

H&S worked with the ownership group and new president to develop a deep understanding of the vision for the property. We then created the first-ever brand strategy and a flexible design and communications system that showcases the full Grant’s Farm experience. We also developed and implemented a digital-first approach with a newly conceived website as the hub for farm-fresh information.

H&S Role
Strategy, Design, Communications, Digital Experience, and Brand Management
  • Conducted stakeholder interviews and competitive research
  • Mapped property assets to ensure a full understanding and expression of the Grant's Farm experience
  • Established communications strategy
  • Developed website as a go-to-hub for guests
  • Codified mission, vision, values as well as internal and external messaging
  • Developed brand strategy with modern expressions across digital and OOH touch points, including a system of icons, animations, GIFs and merchandising options
  • Developed seasonally inspired digital assets, including newsletter templates and event art work
  • Provided ongoing brand management services, including development and implementation of editorial focus for each of the property's social media channels

A Brand and Design Strategy for a Multi-faceted Experience

With more than 90% brand recognition in St. Louis, Grant’s Farm is hardly an unknown entity. Beloved by generations, this iconic yet accessible family estate is a highly personal collection of what is near and dear to the Busch family members’ hearts: a cross-section of animals (including the world-famous Budweiser Clydesdales), German heritage and architecture, as well as Grant’s Cabin built by former owner and U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant – all set on 281 acres of nature. The property and family history are intrinsically intertwined with the history of the country as well as one of our most famous beer dynasties – Anheuser-Busch.

Because the Grant’s Farm experience is multi-faceted and growing, the brand, design, and communication strategies had to provide a big enough umbrella to capture the richness and evolving nature of the experience. The goal is to inspire visitors to move from an occasional visit every few years to multiple visits every year.

H&S developed the first-ever brand strategy for the property to articulate its promise and value proposition for current and future generations of guests and team members. We then interpreted the brand to establish mission and vision statements based on the ownership group’s stated goals for the property.

The digital-first design and communications system celebrates the four seasons and boasts a distinct set of icons to acknowledge the multi-faceted experiences Grant’s Farm offers its guests. While future-focused, the design acknowledges the traditions and nostalgia St. Louis residents associate with the property. We created a set of identities and animations for key seasonal events to establish a distinct, recognizable look and feel. We conceived the design system to work across digital and physical expressions.

We assumed initial brand management to test and refine the application of assets during the fall and winter season of 2022, focusing primarily on Grant’s Farms social channels and email marketing. The temporary website, which was developed before the brand and design strategy were finalized, will evolve in the coming months.

Long-standing Client Partnership

  • 20-year relationship with president of Grant’s Farm, across multiple companies
  • Multi-year relationship with key leadership at Anheuser-Busch