Case Study

Elevating brand, communications and web strategies for the leading membership-driven mobile health organization in the U.S. and Canada.

Video to introduce new website, February 2023.
The Strategic Challenge
How does the leading membership-driven organization for an emerging healthcare practice express itself more clearly and fully in the aftermath of COVID to reach and educate current and potential members more effectively?

H&S worked with the executive director of Mobile Healthcare Association (MHA) and its advisors at Harvard Medical School and The Leon Lowenstein Foundation to scale the Association’s impact within its member base and the overall sector. We evolved the brand and introduced a communications strategy and system – encompassing both content, website, and processes – to drive awareness, understanding, and engagement.

Key Results

Developed and launched a distinctive, unified brand strategy and communications system that augments MHA’s efforts and scales with the sector and the Association’s growth.

H&S Role & Services

Capabilities: Research, Strategy, Design, Communications

  • Conducted stakeholder interviews and competitive research
  • Audited previous communications efforts and data to inform future efforts
  • Developed Association’s first comprehensive communications strategy and plan
  • Evolved five-year-old brand with modern expressions across digital and OOH touch points, including a system of icons
  • Developed benefits-driven brand messaging
  • Created voice and design principles and assets for implementation
  • Developed newsletter and digital content strategy and design
  • Outlined membership progression funnel and automated key steps to facilitate higher retention and satisfaction
  • Supported Annual Conference communications and design materials
  • Developed website as a hub for the member base, including vision and design

A Deep Relationship

  • Multi-year relationship with Executive Director
  • Ongoing development and implementation of strategic initiatives, including first annual report and member surveys